Welcome To 'The Original' DabJars Premium glass jars and silicone containers **NEW LOW PRICES AS OF NOV 14** Free shipping on any order in the USA Welcome To 'The Original' DabJarsPremium glass jars and silicone containers **NEW LOW PRICES AS OF NOV 14**Free shipping on any order in the USA

Glass DabJars

These are the DabJars that started it all.

Solid heavyweight glass topped with a sealed screw cap.

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Silicone DabJars

Our silicone containers are made of food grade premium silicone, not the cheap silicone found everywhere else. 

These are thick, non-stick, and truly the one to pick.

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Every order is packaged properly, shipped quickly, and labeled discretely .  

No advertisements, no products you don't need.  Just two things.  

Glass DabJars, and Silicone Containers.

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Almost 200,000+ JARS SOLD since Dec 2012


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