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DabJars was created in the cold winter of December 2012. One brisk day, I needed a particular size jar of a particular quality. I searched high and low for a jar that meets my expectations. First in stores, and then onine. I purchased dozens of samples and sets that were garbage. Then one day, I found the jar I was looking for. It was located over seas, and I had to buy minimally 1,000 of them. So I did. A few weeks later, they arrived. Was I ever happy. They were the perfect glass jar. But what would I do with the other 999 jars? I decided to put them on eBay in 5 and 10 packs, see if anyone wanted to buy them. Within 2 hours, my first sale came. And then my second. Just before the weekend came, I sold all 999. That's when I knew I had a business. A calling. I called it DabJars. And the glass jar I spoke of in the story can be found on my website as Glass #1. I hope you feel about it the way that I do.

So you'd like to know the story behind DabJars...