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Will DabJars ship Internationally?
Yes! Just email us before you order so we can adjust the postage costs.
Will DabJars accept Bitcoin?
Yes! Just email us before you order so we can figure current marked value before sale. No returns on BTC purchases.
Will my package be shipped discretely?
Yes it will. In plain white bubble polybag or flat rate box. Marked from : Shipping Department.
How long has DabJars been in business?
Our first sale was in December of 2012. The website came about shortly after.
How many jars has DabJars sold?
Over 500,000 since we've opened (that's half a million jars)
Does DabJars have a store front in NYC?
No, sorry. We're a mail order business.

DabJars Frequently Asked Questions

Is DabJars hiring?
From time to time we hire for logo work, SEO, and other misc jobs. If you've got a special skill, contact us at jobs@DabJars.com
Will DabJars sponsor my club?
Possibly, we've done it before. Send us your pitch, and if it's good we'll consider.
Does DabJars only purchase ethically sourced jars?
Yes we do. We won't buy any jar that's unethically sourced.
Does DabJars dropship?
Contact us, we can work something out.
Does DabJars sell adspace on their website?
Never. We don't need the money. We'd rather have the prestige of a site that cannot be bought.
Will DabJars ever call, text, or email me anything?
Never. DabJars' respects your privacy. We know you'll come back if you need anything, no need to solict you.