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We've had a makeover! Same great DabJars you know, just scaled down to a few products. We've sold over 500,000 jars since we opened in December 2012. We're the internets top DabJar seller in Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. See why people choose DabJars over all others.

  • High Times #18 : March 2017
  • High Times #27 : September 2016
  • High Times #22 : June 2016
  • High Times #18 : January 2017

Did you know....

Need customer service? That's our speciatly. Your best bet is email : Buddy@DabJars.com , but feel free to text us at (929) 269-DABS . We're around 7 days a week, from early in the morning until late at night. We're thankful for every order, and we'd like to thank all the people who've been with us since December 2012 and made DabJars the #1 website for Dab Jars on the internet!

We ship free to anywhere in the USA, but we'll ship worldwide (provided you pay actual shipping costs, just contact us before ordering). All packages are plain white and discretely labeled. Tracking numbers always provided. We proudly ship USPS.

YES!! We are the same DabJars you see on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Beware of those selling fake DabJars, they're known to cause bad luck.

Thanks for visiting DabJars!! We are a small little site that only sell DabJars and DabJars accessories. All of our products are top quality, so don't expect anything less then premium from DabJars. We provide some of the finest glass jars in the world.

DabJars has been features in High Times magazine 4 times!

We at DabJars wold like to say thank you to our countless fans who've nominated us to the Pot 40. It's an honor to be in print assoicated with this fine publication.

We take dabs, seriously.

DabJars is a dream come true. What other site caters to the needs of a dabber? Who's know for quality producst at a fair price? DabJars is. It's because we care. We use the same containers we sell. Lots of them. You can bet we use our DabJars brand industrial space grade dabber for all our dabbing pleasure. What makes it space grade? You can use our dabber in space and it will still work. Amazing. DabJars is one step ahead of the world, while preserving the character and integrity of the old world. Dabbing isn't just for breakfast any more. We recommend drinking Welch's Grape Soda when dabbing. It's crisp bubbly goodness cleanses that pallet between each pull. Time to change the water dude it's gross. At what age to farts stop being funny? I can go on and on and on, but I won't. At some point this will reset, and you'll feel accomplished by reading it all. We recommend listening to Grateful Dead when dabbing. It really sets the mood. Cat videos on youtube are awesome. If you haven't checked it out yet, see 4-chan. Have you seen Agamemnon Counterpart? Shaye St. John is so hot. Obey the Walrus, and I don't mean John Lennon. Tara the Android anybody? I feel fantastic! Hey hey hey. poke smot

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